Pay to Play days are fun days for the students to dress up or wear different items to school! They are also a way that the PTO raises money for the school to be able to fund many of the enhancements and teacher grants that occur every year.  There are 8 Pay to Play days scattered throughout the school year. 


 The cost to dress up is $1 per student.  


The PTO will also be selling items that coincide with the Pay to Play theme (ex. masks on Superhero Day). Those items will be for sale for $1 the morning of the Pay to Play Day.  


Purchasing the Pay to Play package in your Back to School packages or in the Spirit Shop allows you to pay once and forget about it the rest of the year (except remembering the dates).  When you purchase the Pay to Play package, your child will receive a special Spirit Stick keychain to attach to their backpack to show that they have pre-paid to receive their item on Pay 2 Play day. 






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